The Whole Horse Place is a unique horse experience for the average person with little or no horse exposure.  We offer many affordable program options for individuals or groups. Our approach to teaching horsemanship begins and ends with safety first.  Teaching you to be in control of your horse at all times is our primary concern, and from that foundation all other aspects of horsemanship will be successful. 

Come on out and have some fun!

KC (registered name "Triple Kay Cee") is a 24 year old quarter horse. When we saw her for sale, we asked to see a video of her before making a three hour drive to see her,  as she appeared slightly lame. She looked ok so off we went. When almost at her home, the rest of the video loaded on our phones. She was very sore. We decided to see her anyway, with every expectation of leaving her there. The first thing she did was wrap her head and neck around us and hugged us. She did that four times. She was limping but after a lot of thinking we decided to bring her home, still thinking it wasn't too bad. 

She fell out of the trailer three hours later. Then she staggered and fell three times to get up to the barn. We called the vet, and she had seriously foundered. We gave it a week to respond to treatment before deciding to euthanize. 

The next week, she was 80% better, so we kept going. She spent 7 weeks on stall rest to allow her feet to recover, she has very special shoes and a very special farrier. She has had physical therapy with a massage therapist and chiropractic and is just thriving. 

At the chiropractor, we discovered that her tail has been nerve blocked, an illegal procedure in which the nerves are paralyzed in her tail, so she can't swish it in annoyance at high stakes events, and therefore lose points with the judge. Consequently, she can't swish flies either, and her rump is atrophied, and her body has odd muscle tone in order to compensate with an unbalanced tail. 

We are so glad she is with us now, and this is her forever home. She is the most compassionate horse we have ever met. She is kind, and sweet, and so grateful. She loves people and gives her heart away to all she meets. We love her and she is worth more than we can every repay her. 

Haddasha (named after "Queen Esther") was given to us by Dana, to use as long as we need and want her, when our beloved Cheyenne passed away. She is an Arab, and as gentle and willing as can be. She likes being in the middle of everything, and loves the attention. She is 21 years old. We love her, and look forward to her being here for many, many years.  


Scooter is a 15 year old Shetland pony. He loves children, has spunk to spare and a super sized personality. He loves to play, and can escape from any knot you can tie. He can undo a halter buckle, and his friend's halter buckles too, and the stall latches, and has been known to take field trips to greener yards than ours. Scooter had been left in a 30 acre pasture for six months while his owners left the area, thinking he would be fine with all that grass until their return. (They did not return due to unforeseen events.) Ponies do not do well on unlimited lush grass, and Scooter was over 500 lbs., and on the verge of foundering (a life threatening issue) when a good Samaritan contacted the owners, and with their permission, took him in, got some weight off him, and sold him to us. He's doing pretty well, although he will tell you he isn't on a diet. (He is. Don't listen to him.)

 Cracker Jack

Amigo has extensive training, but was loved from afar. His owner lived in Seattle and Amigo lived in Port Orchard, and life being what it is, never got a chance to come see him, although she paid for the best of care for him. He sat for several years, lonely, until one day a girl volunteered at his boarding stable and fell in love. She obtained permission to brush, take care of, and ride him; and she became his best friend and only companion. Sadly, the owner had him moved to another stable, suddenly and without warning, and the girl never knew where. Amigo, once again, had no personal human contact, this time for about a year, until his owner stopped paying his board. With her permission, and a series of fluke interactions, he was sold to us, where that girl, Jessica, also volunteers. Jessica and Amigo picked up right where they left off, and are better than best friends. 

Darlynn is 32 years old and is a Foundation Stock Quarter Horse. She is a red dun, weighs 1050 lbs., and is as patient a horse as you can hope to find. If you tell her to do something incorrectly she will figure out what you want and respond correctly. She adapts to her person, and is particularly good with little folks. She is slightly allergic to adults, figuring they are big enough to have figured out all this riding stuff by now. Darlynn also loves treats, attention and smoochies. She will nicker under her breath, just for you, if she thinks she can get extra treats by not alerting the other horses that you are handing them out.


"Every old horse deserves to be loved by a young girl once." 

In loving memory to old horses who gave their heart and souls and loved until their last breath.

Cookie. Cheyenne. Comet. Shasta. Mr. Mick. Tusheda. 


Mr. Mick, 38 years old

​Meet the Best Horses in the World


Comet and Anna

Rocket is a Roan Palomino Pinto Welsh pony, about 20 years old. Anika, a member of our 4-H club, owned him prior to us, and used him for 4H, but when she outgrew him, she allowed him to come here to us, because she knew us and knew he would get attention and love, which he gets in huge amounts. He prefers arena work over trails, and is a good pony to learn skills on as he obeys very well. 


Jessica and Amigo

​Penelope is a POA (Pony of America) and is as solid and sweet as they come. She is about 26, has four teeth in the back. She was starved for about 8 years, and did her best to survive by eating trees and rocks. A lovely family rescued her, and got weight on her. Unfortunately, as in the case with so many horses brought back from starvation, Penny couldn't handle the good food all at once, and she developed insulin resistance (think diabetes) and foundered. In the meantime, their daughter decided she didn't want to ride horses anymore, so with great care, her owners selected us over many other interested buyers. We hit the lottery with Miss Penelope, because she stole our hearts from the first minute we met her, and we believe YOUR heart will not be immune to her love. 

Cracker Jack is a pony or a miniature horse/pony combination,  we're not sure exactly. We found him living in a chicken coop in Seattle, with a well meaning family who had purchased him for a cowboy themed birthday party for their kids, with the intention of selling him the next day. He was in pretty poor shape, although to be fair to the family who had him, he did not get that way in the short amount of time he was there. It took months to get him healthy again, and two visits to a dental specialist. He had a shattered jaw which healed improperly, and numerous teeth that had broken into sharp, cutting picks, which cut his mouth every bite he took. We thought Cracker was about 30 + years old, based on his teeth, but it turns out that when his jaw was shattered, the teeth grew in to fill the gaps, all raggedy and jagged, and he is less than 20 years old. Cracker Jack is such a pleasant, happy boy, and a favorite. He loves to snuggle into you, and loves attention. He makes a wonderful dragon at our pony parties, and loves his job making children happy. He is so willing, cheerful and happy, and we are so grateful for him. He's just a wonderful boy.