The Whole Horse Place is a unique horse experience for the average person with little or no horse exposure.  We offer many affordable program options for individuals or groups. Our approach to teaching horsemanship begins and ends with safety first.  Teaching you to be in control of your horse at all times is our primary concern, and from that foundation all other aspects of horsemanship will be successful. 

Come on out and have some fun!

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Program Descriptions & Rates


$10 Trail Pass fee due first month, and yearly after that in April.

​​​​​​Barn Buddy                  

$210/month (3 sessions)                            $140 (two sessions)

​$70 (one session)

Application for this program is required.                                 

Ages 8 and up* (Ages are a guideline only. Under age 8 on a case by case basis)

A four hour, hands on  horse experience. Available one, two or three times a month, and includes horsemanship class, riding, lessons, education, chores. This is horse ownership in every aspect. Take care of, enjoy, and appreciate everything your horse needs the days you are here. A typical day might start with grooming, personal time with horse, chores, tacking up and riding, participate in whatever horsemanship class is going on, education pertaining to your needs and the needs of your horse, and lessons. Barn Buddy is a year- round program.

* Under age 8 is on a trial basis

Weekday Barn Buddies

Thursdays 10:00-12:00


Fridays       12:00-3:00 Extended 


​2 Hour Barn Buddies $90/month

(Also available to sign up once or twice a month if space is available $30 per session. )

Same format as weekend barn buddies, modified to fit shorter time frame. Monthly sessions will cover education, hands on horse activities, skill building, and trail riding. Three sessions a month with one week off every month. 

Mom and Me Barn Buddies

$30/ person per session

Saturdays 10:00-12:00

A wonderful opportunity to enjoy and learn the world of horses with your child. This class is based on the needs of the participants. Lots of horse love, riding, bonding.

Horsemanship Classes   $100/month

One hour class, three times a month. One session is skill building/education, one is chores/education, and one is riding.

Friday   2:30-4:00 ages 6 +

​             4:30-5:30 ages 4 +

Ranch Hands Summer 2019

$70/day (pick and choose any combination of dates)

​ages 10+ (younger accepted with prior experience OR interview)

An all around horse experience. This is a working barn experience. Tend your horse in every aspect, cleaning stalls, caring for your tack, learning and riding. You will receive a checklist, which entails what your horse needs daily. (Stall cleaning, fresh water, feed, etc.) You will be taught how to do the basics, and will be supervised. How you choose to enjoy your horse is up to you, as long as you are supervised and no one rides alone.

Summer Pony Pals
ages 7-10
Ratio 2:3 (one staff, three children) 
children maximum. 

Summer Barn Buddy program. A good beginning for any horse loving kid. We cover the basics and expose your child to the whole world of horses. Haltering, grooming, lessons, trail riding and chores are included in this program.

PeeWee Barn Buddy Bonanzas!

Summer 2019


ages 4-7

ratio 1:2 



​Groom, saddle, lessons, trail rides, games, crafts, and chores! 

Groups    varied rates

Design activities around your group's needs. Homeschool? Corporate Leadership? Scouts? Something for everyone. Spring and Summer months book quickly!


Pee Wee Horse Time   

$35/ half hour private lessons 

​$50/ hour private lessons

$100 monthly group rate