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Program Descriptions & Rates

Summer Barn Buddy Horse School

Ages 10 and up*

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Rates

Full Day $60 

Partial Day $40

register for multiple weeks $100 week

Same program as Barn Buddy, available all summer. Must have other barn buddies in attendance, so please call and reserve a horse. Currently have students registered Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

* under age 10 is on a case by case basis

Barn Buddy 1                   $180/month

Ages 10 and up* (Ages are a guideline only. Under age 10 on a case by case basis)

A four hour, hands on  horse experience. Meets three weeks a month, and includes horsemanship class, riding, lessons, education, chores. This is horse ownership in every aspect. Take care of, enjoy, and appreciate everything your horse needs the days you are here. A typical day might start with grooming, personal time with horse, chores, tacking up and riding, participate in whatever horsemanship class is going on, education pertaining to your needs and the needs of your horse, and lessons. Barn Buddy is a year- round program.

* Under age 10 is on a trial basis

Barn Buddy 2          $225/month

Advanced six hour program, meets three weeks per month. Includes hauling to an arena every other month for a professional lesson, and hauling to local horse events and shows when available, with supervision at lessons and events. Lesson with professional not included in price; but split with the barn buddy class in attendance. (Usually less than $20.) Cost of events is also not included.  

Horsemanship Classes   $85/month

One hour class, three times a month. One session is skill building/education, one is chores/education, and one is riding. 

Wednesday 3:30-4:30

Wednesday 4:30-5:30 FULL

Friday 2:00-3:00 PEE WEE class

Friday 3:00-4:00 ​


Pony Parties to Go      $300 *


Children's birthday pony rides, kids parties, ponies for all events. Traveling Pony Parties to your location; a backyard, cul-de-sac or quiet road or parking lot. Themed parties with the ponies dressed accordingly. We clean up all pony messes; the kids' mess is up to you! Weight limits: 65-80 pounds.

* Bainbridge Island add $40

* Poulsbo add $30

* Silverdale add $20

* Gig Harbor add $20

Birthday Parties        $225

One hour lesson/trail ride combination, one hour barn use for cake and presents. We provide simple Costco plates, utensils, napkins, cups, cocoa or lemonade. You provide cake and food. We have four horses and two ponies, for six guests to ride at once. Only one lesson with trail ride is offered, more than six riders can not be accommodated. Pony weight limits are 65 and 80 lbs.

Barn Buddy Bonanza (Camp)   $225

($50 non refundable deposit, balance of $175 due first day of Bonanza)

Week long, Monday-Friday 

Horse "ownership" with lots of fun activities. Trail rides, lessons, chores, education. 

Groups    varied rates

Design activities around your group's needs. Homeschool? Corporate Leadership? Scouts? Something for everyone.


Pee Wee Horse Time   

$35/hour private lessons 

$85 monthly group rate

The Whole Horse Place is a unique horse experience for the average person with little or no horse exposure.  We offer many affordable program options for individuals or groups. Our approach to teaching horsemanship begins and ends with safety first.  Teaching you to be in control of your horse at all times is our primary concern, and from that foundation all other aspects of horsemanship will be successful. 

Come on out and have some fun!

$10 Trail Pass fee due first month, and yearly after that in April.